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Decoding 20 years old cslatex sources

I have stumbled myself upon some TeX sources of mathematical analysis from 1996-1998 and was eventually able to make them TeXable again, using Slackware Linux 14.2 and the following utilities:

kam2il2.c a Kamenicky to ISO latin2 encoding converter, which is based upon enctex.

rmcr.c to remove CR character, i.e. number 13, from a file, which I have used to convert DOS end of line sequence CRLF to Unix end of line character LF.

for f in *.tex; do mv $f $f.orig; < $f.orig ./rmcr > $f; rm $f.orig; done

texseq2il2 a sed based czech and slovak tex sequences to iso latin 2 encoding converter

I had to enable the cslatex format using the texconfig utility.

On X windows

2020-12-18 I use the following .xinitrc

./xh &
xterm -geometry 80x58-4+4 &
xterm -geometry 80x33+4-4 &
xterm -geometry +4+4

start X windows with "startx" command, and use x.c - an X window operator written by me. Usage: run of x alone lists all the children windows of root window and their sequence number starting from zero, window number on X server, x, y, width, height, border_width. When there are three arguments on the command line, they are interpreted as window number, x, y, and the specified window is moved to x,y. When there are five arguments on the command line, they are interpreted as window#, x, y, width, height, and the specified window is eventually moved and or resized to a new position and size. When there is single argument on the command line, it is interpreted as the window number, and the specified window is raised.

The xh.c program introduces virtual desktop and can start other programs. The program reacts to pressing the keys on the root window. With the above mentioned .xinitrc, the border region of the root window is left free. Pressing the left, right, up, down arrow moves all the windows by +-DisplayWidth or +-DisplayHeight in the x or y direction, respectively, moving the viewport in the opposite direction. The program maintains a position of a reference point and clicking the screen corners moves the viewport to the corresponding absolute position in a 2x2 grid.

split.c another program

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