Adam Purkrt

born: 1978 in Prague

1978-1980 living in Prague

1980 moves to Otvovice

academic career

1982,1983,1984 - kindergarten Otvovice

1984-1988 - primary elementary school in Otvovice

1988 - unsuccessful attempt to enter the secondary elementary school focused on mathematics in Prague; going to Kladno instead

1988-1992 secondary elementary school at Kladno, focused on mathematics

1992 - unsuccessful attempt to enter the high school focused on mathematics and physics; going to Stepanska Academic high school in Prague instead (even there I was not admitted at first, second below the line, but somehow I sneaked in)

1992-1996 - Academic high school in Stepanska (that's how the institution is called); by some divine intervention, I graduated with straight 1s, though not really being well prepared for the graduation exam

admitted (finally) to Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University in Prague, skipping entry exams due to well enough grade average from so called "profile subjects" = mathematics and physics

1996-2000 - studied theorethical physics there, not finished, had major problems in the first year when I got an "unofficial" extra term for an exam, otherwise I would be kicked out; yet I got 1s from the lab work, at least something

2001-2006 - studied again from the very beginning experimental physics, more precisely physical engineering, at the faculty of nuclear sciences and physical engineering of the czech technical university in Prague; graduated so-so, yet I have continued with doctoral studies

2006-2017 - PhD. study (which I failed to finish), solar cells based on organic materials, followed by laboratory work, at the Institute of Physics in Prague

2008-2011 - lab work at the institute of Macromolecular chemistry in Prague

I went to couple of conferences, visited some universities, sometimes even when I was not invited to do so

other jobs

I have helped my father with some works, finishing the repairs of our family house. I helped my mother at the shoe shop. I have also done some computer assembly and repairs and web design, web coding.

self description

open source enthusiast, likes mathematics and physics, green thinking, space explorer wannabe