Energy sources, storage, and retrieval

Space based solar power

Space wire

Terrestrial Solar power

Total Primary Energy Supply - From Sunlight Richard E. Smalley: The Terawatt Challenge Insolation maps World Renewable Energy Network ACORE: The American Council for Renewable Energy Sun Power

Czech: Fill factory EkoWatt UNEGO ThermoSolar

Dept. of Energy EIA NREL US insolation map [NREL] EU insolation map [direct link] EU insolation map Africa and SW Asia

Energy carriers

Fuel cells

Hydrogen, ethanol, direct methanol, solid oxide fuel cells - devices for direct conversion of the chemical energy of a fuel to electricity Ballard

How much energy is used to refine a gallon of Gasoline? - 6kWh/gallon = 1.6kWh/litre. Refinery efficiency ~85%

The need to cover (with energy storage) a one year cycle with fuels produced from solar energy sources.

SOFC - Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Tech connect world Cleantech upcoming events ESA - Electricity Storage Association AFDC - Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicles Data Center

Space based solar power/getting to space

Space elevator conference Laser Propulsion Could Beam Rockets into Space Stratolaunch systems Virgin galactic SpaceX 1344

Electric Vehicles

From time to time, travelling by car cross country can be ok. For daily commuting - highly undesirable, unpractical, without any real benefit.

Green Car Reports Tesla Motors Mitsubishi EV Phoenix Motorcars Wrightspeed EV World Plug In America GM Chevrolet Volt

Czech: Czech EV Club EKOLO

Stirling engines

Mechanical/heat engines, suitable (more than other engines) to be powered with concentrated sunshine (free piston with built-in alternator especially), with interesting efficiency.

Stirling engine Koichi Hirata Stirling home page Technology Transition Corporation Stirling Technology, inc. Stirling Ultracold Flat plate solar/stirling power systems

Miller cycle engine


Optoelectric nuclear battery · Lithium-ion batteries · Lithium-polymer batteries · Nickel-metal-hydride batteries (NiMH) · Flow battery Liquid battery big enough for the electric grid? is a form of rechargable battery in which electrolyte containing one or more dissolved electroactive species flows through a power cell / reactor that converts chemical energy to electricity.

Oak Ridge micro-energy inc. Valence Technology - Lithium Phosphate Lithium-Air battery Betabatt - Betavoltaics. Storage of energy by nuclear isomers, stimulated gamma emission. Excellatron - thin film batteries Storage of energy in springs made of carbon nanotubes